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Refund Policy

For Paid Members of Intraday Jackpot Calls:

All Subscription Services are final at We Give 2 Days Free Trial to check our services, accuracy and truthiness. There will be NO REFUNDS, OR CANCELLATIONS. We allow only transfer of share tips services to your Friend or Relatives.


We provide 2 Days free trial of the share tips services so that you can check our services, accuracy and truthiness by checking our past performance reports. Our Past Performance Reports are updated every market day immediately after market close in 15-20 minutes. Once you subscribed to our services, we don’t offer refunds on subscriptions and cancellations are not allowed.

Checklist before Subscribing to our Paid Member Services.

1. Check our accuracy and truthiness of our services in 2 days free trial period.

2. Before making payments, Please clear your all doubts with us by speaking to our executive on phone or by emails.

3. Read all information about our packages, services and support etc.

4. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections.

5. Read Our Disclosure & Privacy policies.

6. Check our Past Performance Reports.

By making a payment for paid subscription membership at A1 Intraday Tips, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above no refund and no cancellation policy.

Risk Profiling & Kyc Details:

Risk Profiling: At the time of filling our risk profiling form through our website or giving information to our representative you must be loyal and correct with your information and necessarily provide the details regarding PAN number, Date of Birth, Capital. Investments your Liability details clearly.

If the provided information by you is incorrect / wrong than, we will not be responsible in any situation of profit and loss or degree of risk arises due to the same.

KYC Details : KYC details are compulsory from regulatory body thus you agree to provide your PAN number and Date of Birth and necessary information, proofs and documents, if in case your KYC is not available with any of the SEBI intermediary we will do the process of KYC Registration from our end.

Without Your KYC registration your share tips services will not start in any case, despite you have paid for the same and STOCK RESEARCH (A1 INTRADAY TIPS.IN ) will not be liable for any refund of the amount to you.
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