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What is Pre-Opening Call

Intraday Jackpot Calls team provides two Scrips in opening call with a accuracy of 95%.

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How to Trade in Opening call

Intraday Jackpot Calls gives two opening stock before the market opens for trading. We also mention to Buy or to Short sell depending on the market trend in nse.
A intraday traders have to put this two stocks on their stock trading screen and monitor the movenment on continous basis.
Stock can make a move during any time of the day, if we have given a buy call, and if you see that stock is moving upside and also the market is going positive, you have to buy in to these stocks. Before puting a buy order, A day traders should fixed his stop loss and targets for the trade and follow the same strictly.
If we have given a sell opening call, and if the stock is going down as well has the market is also going down, the traders can short sell the stocks to buy it later to make profits.
You can trade any number of times during the day and you will tend to make good profit. It is not necessary that stock will go up only in morning session or when market opens.

Who can Trade in Opening call

A Trader having a Large capital and only trade in this pre-opening call. Trader should be risky, a Risky trader can only make large gains in the opening call. We have some traders who booked 200-250 Profit per share in this call when stock has moved by 4-5% in a day from its opening rates. We also recommend that this trading should be done by sitting in front of the trading screen. Traders Strictly should avoid trading in this opening call if they are busy with some other work. Traders should striclty follow the Golden Rules of Trading in Share market

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Features of our Opening Call

  • We send Two Scripts in our Opening call every market day before market opens.
  • Our Pre Opening call has accuracy of above 90%.
  • We only provide stocks, and don't mention the quantity in our opening call. Client can trade as per his risk profile.
  • No Follow-up of this call is given by us.
  • This call is only for those intraday traders who have large capital, ready to take risk and are sitting full time before the trading screen in the live market.

Sample of our Opening Call


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