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Golden Rules of Share Trading

Day Trading Golden Rules for Traders in Stock market

Intraday Trading Golden Rules

We have provided some very important golden rules for day traders in share market. If you follow this important rules, you should always win and earn money is stock market. Every Trader should catch the market trend before start trading in stock market. If a traders does not have a through technical knowledge of share market. We advise them to take our share tips services and start earning money in stock market. We Provide Free Trial for Two days, so that you can trade in our Free Share tips and earn money. You can pay our subscription charges using a part of the money that you earned in our Free Trial Period.

Very Important Golden Rules for Day Traders in Share Market.

  • Do not expect to become an professional expert day trader in a day. It may take years of practice and effort to learn day trading.
  • Paper trading is a must which you can do on some website who provide real time based trading for practice beefore you use your own hard earned money.
  • Don't Fear, If you are "scared" you can't earned money in share market. Every reward goes to Risk
  • Stop loss are very important, Don't Change your stop loss under any circumstances.
  • Learn from your losses - take advantage of each loss to improve your knowledge of the share market and earn money in future markets.
  • Never let your profits to turn into losses. Consider square off from the trade, if the market is moving against your predicted trend.
  • If nse stock markets are not performing the way you expected to perform, it is best to stop trade and not to trade for the day.
  • Don't Every Average by Buying More if stock has moved down and same by selling more if stock is going up in the bullish trend.
  • Always keep records of your day trading reports and do analyse those results at the end of the day. You can use this for your future day trading.
  • Professional day traders generally sell when there is a good news about a specific company and buy those share when there is some bad news about that stock.
  • Patience, perseverance, determination and a good trading plan are most important qualites for a successful day trader in nse market.
  • Never get emotionally involved with your trades as emotions often work against you. We say don't trade by your heart.
  • Do not try to earn profit on every trade that you do. Try to Make Profit at the end of the day.
  • Don't do more trades, as tracking lot of stock at a given time could be tough job.
  • Always try to pick the right stock at right time.
  • Be flexible in your trading. Some trading strategies work on some days and some on other days.
  • Decide each day how much risk you can take and don't change your decision under any circumstances. Exit for the day if you have reached that position.
  • Access to best information on market and execution at the correct time is very important to trade successfully for day traders.
  • Get financial news service, Hire a share tips consultants like Intraday Jackpot Calls and also open an account with a Best broker firm in the share market and Get a Good Brokerage Scheme.
  • Do not try to focus on too many sectors and stock at a time.
  • Always think positive what ever is the condition of the market and try to keep patience. Don't Stress. If market bottoms at a time, it will again make high. Wait for the right time
  • Don't Trade each and every day. If market is too volatile on a given day. Don't do day trading on that day.
  • Trade with the Market Trend, Track the Market Trand, once you are clear of the market trend Start day trading.

We want every day trader to follow above rules to become successful in the stock market. We are alway here to help you in intraday trading. Please do take our Free Trial of our share tips services, and trade in our stock tips to gain maximum from share market. If you have any query related to our share tips services please feel free to contact us

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